Ted Yoho is a large animal veterinarian, small business owner and family man. He is a Christian and conservative Republican who has called North Central Florida home since 1976.

Unlike the entrenched politician, Ted has spent the last 32 years in the trenches working, and is bringing the working man’s perspective to the legislative process.

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With Rand Paul’s Endorsement, Ted Yoho Kicks Off Second-Term Bid

“I am glad to endorse my friend and colleague Ted Yoho for re-election,” Paul said. “The thing about Congressman Yoho is that he has been unafraid, and I think why he has been unafraid to defend liberty, defend limited government and our Constitution is because he had a real life. He had a real job. As a veterinarian, he isn’t afraid to go back to his profession at any point and time, so he hasn’t been afraid to stand up to Republicans or Democrats who aren’t doing the right thing.” 

“In Washington, we are still borrowing more than $1 million a minute,” Paul continued. “We keep electing people but it’s not changing. It’s only going to change when people begin to follow the lead of people like Congressman Ted Yoho. So I am proud to stand with Congressman Ted Yoho. I am proud to endorse him and proud to support him. When you are looking for leadership, when Florida is looking for leadership, Ted Yoho is your man and I am proud to stand with him.”

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