Today 10 members of Congress sued President Obama over the unconstitutional use of the 1973 War Powers Act.  Their claim was that  Mr. Obama violated the Constitution in bypassing Congress and using international organizations like the U.N. and NATO to authorize military force against Libya, a sovereign country that did not attack us.

Mr. Obama claims he did this for humanitarian reasons.   If that is true, who decides when the U.S. government is going to involve its military resources and place our military service personnel in harm’s way?

Why do we not attack the Government of  Darfur? They have had over 400,000 people slaughtered and we did not act on humanitarian grounds there.

According to Mr. Obama, he was acting with the U.N. and NATO.  Mr. Obama has cost us, the U.S. taxpayers, over $800,000,000 in the three months of our involvement in the Libyan debacle.  The anticipated costs are $1.1 Billion by September.  This is being done at a time when on the news today, the White House Economic advisors, on NPR’s All Things Considered, claimed the U.S. debt was much worse than originally thought and that all Americans were going to have to get used to a decline in their lifestyles from this point forward.

Mr. Obama has broken his oath to uphold the law of the country, the Constitution, and jeopardized our National Security by increasing our debt and attacking a sovereign country that did not attack us. That truly is an act of war.  In this matter the U.N. and NATO should have been called into action and not the U.S.A.

Our President, Mr. Obama, should be impeached on the grounds of:
1.  Breaking his oath to uphold the Constitution.
2.  Attacking a non-threatening country.
3.  We are a sovereign Nation and do not take commands from the U.N. or  NATO.
4.  Not responding within the required 60 days to inform and justify to Congress why he used the War Powers Act  (which is reserved for National emergency and threats to our country by foreign invaders when Congress is convened).
5.  Creating and passage of the proven unconstitutional Affordable Patient Health Care Act.
6.  The unconstitutional Nationalization of GM and Chrysler.

Contact your Congressman and Senators and ask them to do their duty and legislate according to the Constitution and to hold the other branches of Government in balance.

Vote for improvement and let’s keep America the Land of the Free –  and a free Republic.

Ted Yoho for Congress.

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