Jobs and the Economy: Washington has stood in the way of job creation for too long by creating a climate of confusion. By promoting “garbage” legislation and handing down burdensome regulations, rules and mandates, Washington has stifled economic growth and killed jobs.
Solution: The mistakes made by politicians, financial institutions, lending houses and their lobbyists should be remembered and never repeated as the nation strives to recover. No single solution will foster the change our country and state need but we can help create an environment of certainty for all businesses. We can create it by simplifying the tax code, repealing Obamacare and taking a scalpel to all the job killing rules, regulations and mandates.

Taxes: It shouldn’t take an expert to understand the tax code. Special interest groups have controlled the tax code for long enough – it’s time to look out for America’s interests.
Solution: Our tax code needs to be simplified.  I support the Fair Tax.  At the minimum, the corporate tax rate should be lowered and locked in for an extended period of time that would allow businesses to make medium to long term investment plans.  The estate and gift tax must be repealed.

Spending and our National Debt:The national debt has nearly reached an unprecedented $18 trillion and it continues to grow daily. Out of control spending harms not only our quality of life but that of future generations. It is a direct threat to our national security.
Solution: Spending more than we take in, printing money at rates that devalue our dollar and too many taxpayer dollars being sent overseas as foreign aid are all adding to our economic uncertainty.  I will not only evaluate existing federal programs but act to end wasteful projects and programs immediately. We must stop unnecessary spending. The bottom line is that the U.S. government cannot continue to live outside of its means.

Term Limits: For too long, there has been talk about congressional term limits with no results. As a result, we have too many career politicians.
Solution: In addition to personally pledging to only serving 4 terms (8 years) in the House of Representatives, I would support a constitutional amendment that would enact congressional term limits.

National Defense:  We live in the greatest country in the world today because our fore fathers had the courage to stand up for liberty and stand against the world’s sole super-power of the time.  Their wish to be self-determining led to the Declaration of America’s Independence and eventually the Constitution we have today.  Our liberties and freedoms come not just from our great Constitution but from the service men, women, and their families who have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to our American values of freedom and liberty for all.  I believe America still has the greatest military in the world, supported today by brave men and women in uniform. Unfortunately, our troops have not received the level of support they need when they return home. Further, America’s weakened foreign policy has created confusion about the resolve and dependability of our country towards our allies such as Israel.
Solution: Every single legislator needs to support our military. If we are to expect our troops to protect America at all costs, then we must guarantee to do likewise. By allocating the proper resources to our troops we can maximize their protection while serving our nation. We must also care for them after they complete their service. We should recognize the sacrifice that military families make while a loved one serves this nation. Finally, we need to stand with our allies and never waiver in our support. I have and will continue to fight for our veterans the way they have unselfishly fought for us. In addition to holding myself, my fellow leaders in Washington accountable, I will hold the VA bureaucracy accountable.  Click here to see how I have supported our veterans. 

American Energy: The career politicians and the Department of Energy have failed to lead us to energy independence and we’re paying for it at the pump. Uncertain fuel supplies and rapidly fluctuating gas prices disrupts our economy. America does not lack the resources or technology to satisfy our energy needs.
Solution: We need to drill here, drill now and drill responsibly. We must build the Keystone Pipeline and decrease regulations on energy companies to utilize our Nation’s natural resources. In addition, I will support all forms of alternative energy provided they are market driven and are not subsidized by the government.

Immigration: We are a country of immigrants. However, Washington has ignored this problem for 30 years. Illegal immigration and a broken path to citizenship threatens our national security and has created a strain on our social programs.
Solution: We need to secure the border. We have not harnessed the technology, infrastructure and man power to protect our borders and we must do so immediately. I will introduce a workable guest worker program that provides immigrant workers with a national ID card and mandates they pay taxes through a national tax ID number. Finally, the process to become a citizen needs to be completely streamlined and English needs to be recognized as the official language.

Abortion: I am pro-life. As a Christian, I believe life begins at conception and I oppose tax payer funding of abortion.

2nd Amendment/ Right to bear arms: The right to bear arms is a birth right and should never be threatened. I will fight to preserve our Constitutional rights. I am proud to say I hold an A rating from the NRA.