Ted Yoho on N. Korea: 'We Can't Have the Veiled Threats'

Courtesy of Newsmax - Rep. Ted Yoho said Saturday that President Donald Trump's response to North Korea's recent failed missile test should depend on "how Kim Jong Un responds."

America's actions will be "predicated by what Kim does," the Florida Republican, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. "Nobody's going to war. We've seen enough war.

"We can't have the veiled threats, the patience of administrations gone by," Yoho said.

"We have to show a force and be able to back that up."

Kim test-fired the ballistic missile on Saturday. The launch was his ninth since Trump took office in January.

The president slammed the move as "bad" on Twitter – and members of Congress and other world leaders condemned the test.

"We want a diplomatic resolution to this, and this is where China can come in and help us," Yoho told Blitzer. "They can come in there and help bring us to a peaceful resolution."

He described President Trump's escalated rhetoric toward Pyongyang as "conclusive."

"He's direct at what he said he would do – and we saw what he did with Syria.

"He doesn't want to act, but I think he's prepared to act."

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